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Hope is the thing with feathers

Tennis enthusiastic, football snob, reluctantly into hockey. Intersectional Feminism. Politics. Lord of the Rings. Random TV shows of the week. All the awesome ladies.
Aug 22 '14

"I’m having my hair be a rainbow… I’m going through all the colours of the rainbow… I’m a rainbow… I’ve let colour into my life, it’s very metaphorical.” 

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Aug 22 '14

MCU Meme: Two Avengers (1/2)
→ Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Aug 22 '14


Breakfast around the world

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Aug 22 '14

Shakira’s Music Videography (1995 - 2014)

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Aug 22 '14

And then I saw that Melissa Fumero had been cast as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I felt my guts roll up into my throat and try to escape out of my mouth. Omgomgomgomg that’s it then. There’s no way in hell a major network is gonna cast two Latina actresses in such a tight ensemble show I AM SCREWED.

And then next day my agents called and told me I’d booked it.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been saying to my boyfriend the night before how there was JUST NO WAY. Normally, The Latina is a singular element of the ensemble she is working in. She’s there to provide contrast, or sexuality, or humor. Or she’s there to clean the floors and/or steal your man. There are some serious stereotypes very much alive in film and TV today, and The Latina is one of them.

Here’s the thing though. The world is changing. Slowly but surely, television is changing. The character stereotypes are changing, or being turned inside out by some fantastic writers and actors (I’m looking at you, Orange is the New Black, Scandal, and The Mindy Project). People of color are on TV playing roles that are fleshed out, complex, human. And yes, some of those characters are maids. Some are sexy heartbreakers there to steal your man. Some own BBQ joints, while some are Chiefs of Staff. Some are prisoners, and some are cops. All are real people with hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, and all the other vast human emotions and desires…

…This is important. Because young women are watching TV, and they are getting messages about who they are in the world, who the world will allow them to be. And in big important steps, television is showing a reflection back to those young women that YOU CAN BE WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE, and that two Latinas on one show is NORMAL. I think that’s a win for everybody.

Aug 22 '14

In the moment we’re ten feet tall And how you told me after it all We’d remember tonight For the rest of our lives

In the moment we’re ten feet tall
And how you told me after it all
We’d remember tonight
For the rest of our lives

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Aug 22 '14
"When it comes to attraction, there’s a difference between finding someone aesthetically pleasing, being sexually attracted to someone and being romantically attracted to someone."
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Aug 22 '14

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Aug 22 '14
Aug 22 '14



The thing about Raul is that he always makes the right choices. He is always in the right place. He always knows the right thing to do in each part of the pitch. If he’s in midfield he’ll play just the one touch. If he’s on the edge of the penalty box he will go for the goal or slide a dangerous ball to a player who is better positioned. He holds the ball when he has to, releases the ball when he has to, and does a one-two when a one-two is on. If I were a spectator, I’d see him as the perfect player, because nothing is more irritating than footballers who dribble when they should pass, who pass when they should dribble, and hold the ball when they should pass. Raul teaches us how the game should be played.

- Pep Guardiola on Raul (Quote taken from ancelottitty)

"We have always had a special relationship." - Raul on Pep Guardiola

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